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Frequently Asked Questions

What about security? Is my personal information available on a web search?

Instant Church DirectoryYour Instant Church Directory account is protected by a username and password that only you should know. Search engines do not crawl any of the directory data located within the password-protected portion. We take privacy and your privacy very seriously.

What if I don't want my information shared?

We have a fully secure system for the online access just like the mobile app. Only members who are entered in the directory can log in to the website. And once that member is removed, they no longer have the ability to access the directory. We can also make members inactive if they do not want their information to be shown on the online directory or app. If you do not want your information shared in the directory, please notify the office.

Who has access to the online directory?

Just like our apps, only active members with authorization have access to view the directory. As soon as we make a member inactive, their access is revoked.

I heard there is an app available. Is this true?

Yes. Now you can sync our church's directory right to a Kindle Fire, an iPhone, iPad, and an Android phone or tablet. You will be able to search for family or a member and then e-mail, call, or text right from your device. Plus, any change you make to the online directory is immediately synced with your device.

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